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Legal Grounds for Divorce in the United States

Filing for divorce is a stressful process that no one wants to have to go through. But there can sometimes come a time that there is just no other option, whether it is because of trust issues, incompatibility, or just poor communication. If you have decided that divorce is your only option, it is important to know the legal grounds for divorce in the US. Grounds for divorce are divided into two broad categories: no fault divorce, and fault divorce.

No fault divorce is a situation where both partners have mutually agreed that it is time to end the marriage. There are a number of different cases that can constitute no fault divorce. Some of the most common are separation, where a married couple has ceased to live in the same household, or irreconcilable differences. In a case of irreconcilable differences, the couple has decided that they just can’t get along, but are not casting any blame at each other for wrong-doing.

Fault divorce is a much more stressful situation go through. It is also usually harder to file, as well as more expensive. Possible grounds for fault divorce are adultery, unknown pregnancy at the time of marriage, abuse, or any number of other situations where one partner is at fault. On some occasions your spouse will attempt to prevent you from filing a fault divorce by claiming that they will not at fault the most common defenses against fault divorce are condonation, reconciliation, recrimination, and provocation. If you’re filing a fault divorce, it is important to have a good lawyer to help protect you from these defenses.

When you’re looking for a lawyer to help you file a divorce, you should always check their website to find more information about the types of service that they offer. A good divorce lawyer will give you all the information that you need to make sure that you can file your divorce successfully. Their professional knowledge about residency and filing requirements, as well as grounds for filing will help you get through a stressful divorce and be able to move on with your life

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